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Black Swans Kill Your Likeability

Black swan - problem(s) you are unconscious about that kill your likeability with every interaction. I get it, it’s uncomfortable to admit that you have blind spots. BUT, wouldn’t you want to know what your black swans are NOW? So you could save yourself years of making the same type of mistakes, and failing to charm women? There are small things that you can fix that are key to MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION.

The Pareto Principle reminds us to be very selective in where we put our efforts. The biggest improvements will come from focusing on the right issues, the deal breakers so to speak. We have a finite amount of time, energy, and willpower. If we waste our time improving aspects that have small effects on our overall likeability, then results will not change. Without coaching, people scatter their energy in a hundred directions and end up having deal-breaking personalities the entirety of their life.

A coach will be that north star that will keep you honed in on the right issues, and assess your progress, and deliver transformation. Practise, practice, practice, on the right things; this is the way to mastery of likeability and attraction.

I am here to help you become a CONFIDENT, self-sufficient MAN. We will work towards creating a well-rounded person who is physically, emotionally and mentally COMPETENT. Attraction will be an INEVITABLE by-product 🙂

Attraction & Likeability

This line of coaching originated out of my observations and conversations with men over the years. It seemed to me that people understand very little about the opposite sex. Few of us have access to the right advice & role models growing up. I discussed with my male friends, how for men, oftentimes women just don’t make sense and there is so much conflicting advice out there. I see so many men who have A LOT going for them make deal-breaking mistakes. This is where I come in. I reverse engineer attraction from the female perspective.


Elements that create likeability in both career and relationships can be modeled and I created the blueprint for that. Simple to follow but it will take time and effort to integrate these elements into your identity. The idea is to make this effortless and unconscious because that is how you stay consistently attractive & likeable in ALL of your relationships for the long-term.  

How It Works

➼ We identify what your black swans are
➼ Together create a plan to improve it
➼ Go through personal likeability blueprint You & I create based on your strengths and my expertise
➼ Learn emotional intelligence
➼ Discuss the challenges that come up in the process
➼ Talk about ANY questions you have about women
➼ You get tailored exercises
➼ I support you all the way


Rima gave me really useful practical daily exercises and modes of thinking that are very very easy to follow and have helped me with emotional and psychological development and being more proactive with my actions and setting of future goals. Thus it’s not just about her ‘helping me’ but about developing the tools to enable one to help one’s self and – what’s more – it didn’t take a massive amount of time nor book reading nor complicated and exhaustive thinking. It all made a lot of sense – could be done quickly and was easy to do.


45 y.o.

My friend referred me to have a consultation with Rima. Our one-time session turned into working together for a course of 3 months. It has brought a huge shift in my personal development. She’s very knowledgeable, fun and easy to work with. But what I appreciated the most is that she brought forward blind spots I didn’t know I had in my approach to women. I was out and ready to date straight out of quarantine!


25 y.o.

Working with Rima was a game changer for me. I have 3 brothers but no sisters in my family so women never made any sense to me. Rima feels like an older sister which is exactly what I needed. I feel like I can ask here anything no matter how silly and this has helped me to be way more comfortable with women in general.


38 y.o.

Work With Me

Massive Change

12 weeks - 12 hourly sessions
Twelve 1:1 coaching sessions
You will learn theory and practice of likeability & attraction
You will learn emotional intelligence for relationships & career
You will learn about neuroplasticity and creating emotional states to create LONG-LASTING changes
We will identify & review your black swans
You will learn about relationships & how women think
We will create an improvement plan with personalised practice exercises
You will get recommended videos & articles
You will get unlimited WhatsApp support
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