rima eneva about picture

From a young age, I felt like I was the odd one out. First, in my family (a few times I searched my grandma’s house hoping to find a document proving that I’m adopted, to explain why I’m so different to them) and then with my peers. I tried hard to fit in. Luckily for me, that didn’t work 🤷‍♀️

I have been interested in self-development since I was 13. I taught my friends how to communicate with their subconscious minds, gave them tips on manifestation and created a teacher-evaluation tool based on my observations of their psychology so I could “work” each teacher better 😁

So when the time to choose my degree came, Psychology felt like an obvious choice. But my mom’s “successful” friend said it’s a BS career, and I better study English-Russian translation to work in the EU Parliament. Although I got a free spot to study at university, last minute I decided that was not my heart’s desire and to my family’s disappointment moved to London.

After working for a few years I saved enough money to study the subject I’ve always wanted: Psychology. Whilst studying I started a cleaning company to support myself and upon graduation felt… joyous for about 5 minutes.

Although I loved Psychology it was not what I expected. It provided insight into the human psyche but I did not see a transformation potential within the field. I felt (and still do) that it mainly deals with the mind and all its forms so we live in concept land instead of experiencing life. It’s useful to some extent but leaves out what I’ve learnt from meditating, studying Buddhism, consciousness and coaching.

I felt depressed since the future I had planned (becoming a therapist and a researcher) didn’t feel aligned with me anymore. So I left for South East Asia for 5 months. Had an absolute blast, felt terrified, lonely, ecstatic, anxious, happy, met a ton of people, and got my heart broken – you know the usual range of human experience.

At the end of the trip, I decided that I want to live in Bali. I was running low on savings, so I convinced a company in the UK to allow me to work online. I ended up living in Bali for 3.5 years. I met a henge-fund-turned-my-mentor guy thanks to who I made some good investments, quit my job, met my ex-boyfriend who encouraged me to start coaching professionally and lived happily ever after!

Just kidding, life isn’t a fairy tale it’s much, much better than that. I invested heavily into my personal development, especially within the last year and I’m enjoying being the cause of my life and not at the effect of life/circumstances/other people.

My close friends describe me as loving, positive, loyal, sensitive, eccentric, disciplined, honest and fun.

My clients describe me as present, perceptive, loving, understanding, intuitive, safe and straightforward.


  • BSc Psychology with The Open University
  • Trauma-informed coaching certificate
  • Performance coaching with Landmark Worldwide
  • Transpersonal Coaching Certificate with Alef Trust 
  • Emotional Intelligence Training with Steve Stepanoff
  • Mental Fitness training with Shirzad Shamin (Positive Intelligence)
  • Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Teacher Training with Bali Yoga School

I have learnt a lot and I have a lot to share! I know a variety of different methods but let’s not pretend that matters – you only care if I can help you solve your problems and help you get what you want. The answer: I don’t know, book the complimentary call below, so we could see if we’re a match 🤩