Hi, I'm Rima

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I’m here to help you take your personal and professional life to the next level through teaching body work and emotional intelligence.

Do you feel like: 

  • Your life is acceptable, but not great;
  • You are successful but don’t feel fulfilled;
  • You feel like you should be happy but you’re not;
  • You feel like something’s wrong with you or you need to fix yourself;
  • You don’t know what you want;
  • You’re looking for love and approval from outside of you;
  • You know there are things in your life that don’t work but you don’t know how to change it;
  • Your personal or professional relationships aren’t working;

About me: 

I have always been highly observant of other people: what makes them tick, what behaviour patterns they repeat, what’s their mood like (so I know how to approach them and ask for what I need).

I’ve been fascinated with Psychology and human relationships for as long as I can remember. When it was time to choose a field of study, Psychology seemed like an obvious choice.

To practice what I was studying, I got involved in the coaching industry in London. Over the course of 2 years, I worked as an assistant to multiple coaches to understand how the coaching process works, continued professional development and began to coach and mentor people myself.

At the same time, I worked with a renowned Lithuanian emotional intelligence coach Steve Stepanoff and finished my neuroplasticity training. I then realised that by developing emotional intelligence and intuition, I improved the quality of my life and relationships dramatically.

I graduated at the top of my class and went to travel around SE Asia. Fast forward to today, I live in Bali, pursue my dreams and continue mentoring people. If it feels right for you, I would love to work with you too!

I’m as spiritual (but not in a buy-my-crystals way, don’t worry) as I am down-to-earth. I will not bark orders at you or make you feel guilty with questions such as ‘how will you feel 10 years from now if you don’t start acting now?’. I think taking action based on guilt/fear/shame won’t provide long-term results. Instead, I will provide you with information and exercises that you can use instantly – it’s all experiential. I take an existential psychology approach – your life is unique and in constant flux, therefore you create yourself all the time.

All information on this site and my coaching is based on various biological, psychological and spiritual knowledge. I aim for this to be a place where you can learn something fresh and get a perspective that you might not find anywhere else. And if you need someone to mentor you along the way, I’m here for you.