Hi, I'm Rima

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There is nothing else I’d rather be doing than coaching. 

I want to help people create their best possible life. 

I have a Psychology degree and have been interested in self-development since I was 13. I have had coaching and I have had therapy in various points in my life. I’ve gained a deep theoretical and practical understanding on how to create personal change.

I continue learning more about Human Psychology and am currently studying Transpersonal Psychology approach. It’d be a long list if I had to write every methods I know and can use.

At heart, most theories and method are similar. But different people respond to different approaches. My goal is to have a variety of tools to tailor it to each person I work with.


Here are some major themes that inform my coaching


  • Body work – an increasingly popular idea in psychotherapy and neuropsychology that focuses on interactions between the body and the mind. The reason it’s getting popular is because it works! Our body stores trauma, emotions, beliefs and more. Accessing trapped emotions and beliefs transforms old energy into one that creates changes you desire. You then don’t need to find willpower to change. You simply release and change occurs. 


  • Childhood – I don’t intend to, but childhood always comes up. I find that some people are put off by it. I don’t know if they think I’ll have them analyse their childhood all day long or criticise their parents. Neither is true. I’m interested in someone’s childhood because it points out to emotional blocks and deep-rooted beliefs. A lot of who and how we are forms in our early years. Ignoring  that would be silly – you’d take 1 step forward and 3 steps back.


  • Emotional intelligence – ability to recognise and regulate your emotions. By looking within, we can slowly notice the patterns and beliefs that have us react in certain ways. By paying attention inwards, we also start developing a sense of Self. Self that knows what it wants and is not afraid to ask for it Developing EQ eliminates insecurity, fear of change and rejection. You learn to distinguish between your true desires and values imposed to you by others. 


  • Beliefs – beliefs are your operating system, how you see yourself and the world. In life, beliefs that don’t serve you are very, very costly. As one of my favourite coach says: “I don’t care if it’s true or not, I care what (outcome) it creates”. We’ve all got beliefs we picked up from our family and society. They’re not automatically wrong – but they are if they’re unexamined.


  • Unconscious mind – idea popularised by Freud, suggests that this part of our mind has a strong influence on our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviour. If left unchecked it could cause us suffering. The unconscious mind acts like a storage room for all unresolved emotions, traumas, fears and beliefs imposed by society and our parents. If we don’t clear out that space, we will struggle to live a life that’s truly our own. That’s why our beliefs is where I usually start my work as it leads to our deeply stored patterns.


  • Mindset – having the right mindset is crucial. I teach a combined approach between self-compassion and responsibility. With that perspective change becomes easy.


  • Consciousness – as Einstein said, you cannot solve your problem with the same mind that created it. I teach the method of Open Awareness that helps people shift from tunnel awareness to wider perspective. I point out perspectives that keep you stuck. I help you change your perception of who you are and include meditation practices. These methods broaden people’s perspective and solve “unsolvable” problems. I also lean towards Biocentrism (consciousness creates everything). Google Robert Lanza if interested.



  • Visiting family in Lithuania but moving to Portugal at the end of June
  • Recovering from a rhinoplasty 
  • Crypto Investor
  • Meditating daily
  • Business mastermind advisor
  • Learning creator’s method by John Patrick Morgan
  • Pursuing Transpersonal Coaching Psychology certificate

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