How To Change Your Mind

In this article I want to talk about how to change your mind about yourself. We all have aspects of our behaviour or identity that we wish we could improve.

Whatever the change, you can make it

Perhaps you want to become a healthier person or someone who’s likeable. In my work, I coach people who have stories about who they are and why they can’t have what they want. For example, they want to be able to talk to women, but they feel shy. They want to ask their boss for promotion, but can’t challenge authority.  

But they can, we all can! A while ago, neuroscientists thought that human brain and therefore identity is fixed. However, research in the last decade revealed that our brain is able to form new structures and get rid of old neural pathways. Even if you were never a fit person, you can rewire your brain to adopt a fit person’s identity. So the good news is that you can change whatever aspect of your behaviour you wish was different. 

How does it work?

Our neural cells form circuits based on the self-talk we have and form physical neural connections in the brain that then run like subconscious programmes. With time, it becomes more and more difficult to change your thoughts (mind) as it is literally biologically embedded in your brain now. In response, we cannot experience elevated emotions that create the behavioural outcomes we want. That’s because our body and mind have been conditioned (by us!) to run certain circuits and produce low level experiences.

In order to reconnect the body-mind to produce the outcome you want, you simply need to recondition your body-mind. I found it’s enough to work on the two and the third will automatically fall back into place. Our material (body) and mental (thoughts and feelings) selves are important aspects in reconnecting with our nature. It is also the easiest way, as shifting our matter (neural connections) with our minds (energy) would produce elevated emotions which help us truly reconnect with the spiritual self.

Hence, if you start changing your lifestyle by eating clean and exercising whilst actively monitoring your thoughts and using more positive self-talk, you will see results. Biologically, your body will get rid of the toxins and new, healthier cells will replace the old ones. This will provide you with more energy, positively affect your hormones and neurotransmitters which will have an impact on your brain.

How to change the mind

By replacing your old neural circuits (thinking about the past, regret etc) into new ones (thinking about how you want to feel, what person you want to be) you will create new, better ones.

As I mentioned before, healthy diet and exercise will help for the body. For the mind, I find meditation, cultivating mindfulness and determination help a lot. For a while there, you have to constantly monitor your thoughts and self-talk. The moment you catch yourself thinking about the past, blaming someone else or drowning in self-pity, consciously replace these thoughts into how you want to feel now and in the future what person you are intending to become and repeat this over and over and over again. It takes around 1-3 months for new neural connections to be formed and the old ones to disappear. Your goal is to replace the old with new.

From then on, you are biologically and emotionally a different human being. This person is who (s) he wants to be, experiences elevated emotion and can finally see a bigger picture, to find out what it’s all about.