Less is more when it comes to accessorizing

Men’s accessories should be simple and minimalist, girls notice the smallest details anyway. The idea here is to subtly communicate your status. In my view, an alpha male is not someone who flaunts and brags about his possessions. It is someone who subtly communicates his value. If you’re confident, you don’t need to go around telling everybody – you know, so the rest of the world knows. It is the inner state that you display through your vibe.


A nice timepiece is usually a must have and is the most important accessory for a man. Generally speaking, high quality watches are the way to go as it reflects precision engineering and craftsmanship. That said, quality does not correlate with money spent. Don’t choose a Mickey Mouse watch, but also don’t go overboard and get a jewel encrusted Hublot. Going for the bling look is tacky and might not attract the right type of girls, unless that’s what you’re going for. 

As a rule of thumb, the only ring a gentleman should wear is a wedding ring. But if you must wear one (family heritage, for example), make sure it matches your watch.


Another important detail is owning a couple of sunglasses: one formal and one casual. It adds confidence and can be a way to show your individuality and some class. Choosing the right frames might add character and compensate for features you lack, such as add sharpness to a round face or soften a strict one. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here, but generally speaking:

  • A round face asks for sharp and square frames
  • More subtle and frameless type of sunglasses are more suitable for long faces
  • Men with square faces are better off choosing subtle, softer frames
  • An oval face is the easiest to find a match for, almost any type of frame will fit
  • Frames should not be wider than your face and should go over your eyebrow line
  • Make sure to choose dark frames when you wear darker clothes. Same goes for your eyebrows, if they are lighter, generally choose a lighter frame color.

In terms of glasses, you should go with quality over quantity though – a good-looking, uv-protected pair of sunglasses indicates that you care about your image.

Overall, a clean, tidy and minimalistic look demonstrates self-respect and accessories finish off your image. I recommend investing in high(er) quality accessories. It is better to have fewer high quality pieces than lots of cheap ones. Remember, we are going for quality over quantity here, so you want to come across as a descent, grounded, and confident man.

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