In the perfumery world, there’s no actual distinction between male and female perfumes – it’s all marketing. But it is worth remembering that chemical trails (smell) we leave after ourselves are registered and kept in the subconscious.

Men’s fragrance and attraction

We tend to think that floral, sweet and fruity scents are made for women and wooden, musky scents are for men. However, in the Middle East for example, both sexes use strong, spicy, floral fragrances. A well made scent has a majority of natural ingredients such as essential oils and very little alcohol (contrary to the well known brands we buy today). 

It’s important to understand that men can up their attraction with perfumes.

Although women don’t usually have a bad reaction to someone who is not wearing a perfume, remember that your body continuously produces all sorts of odors, so to increase your odds, it’s better to wear fragrance. American scientist Rachel Herz asked women what makes men attractive. She found that women were put off by me who smelled bad. Also, out of the five senses, smell is closely linked to our memory which you can use to your advantage. When you find your signature scent and use it consistently, a woman is more likely to remember you every time she smells something similar on someone else. You also want to benefit from the positive associations of a high class scent. 

How to choose and use perfumes

Although there are many popular and recommended fragrance brands, I strongly recommend to go out and try them all for yourself before you buy it via Amazon. I’m always reluctant to recommend perfumes because everyone has different pH, so the same scent will smell different on a dry vs. oily skin. If you’re completely new to the perfume world, try out popular scents first. Remember though, recommendations are just guidelines and perfume should match your personality first! I advise having a few different types, something more fresh, something more sweet and something more musky for different occasions and times of the day. 

Perfume should be added before putting clothes on and spray it on pulse points: inside of the wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees and just above Adam’s apple. Body heat will warm up the chemicals in the scent and pulsing will spread it around better. Do not use too much – less is more!

The takeaway here is that using fragrance is not essential but it can surely up your game!


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