Brienna Becker - Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Coach

“Rima is an incredible coach! She listens closely and without judgment. She is always looking out for what is best for you. She will speak directly, but with compassion. She has tangible and easy-to-implement exercises. She is everything you want in a coach!”

Vita Ayu Anggraeni - works at Remote Year

“RIMA – BEST COACH YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED. I have never felt that I actually needed any coaching sessions until I did the first session with Rima. I mean I didn’t even feel that it was a coaching session, she didn’t make me feel that I was a coachee and she was the coach. It was so naturally coming out of her, even though we didn’t know each other before I was even surprised I could be so open to her just like a book blown by the wind by the beach.

I really love everything she suggested to me; the body scanning, the meditation and especially the inner child meditation. I’ll work on them!

One thing I realized after the sessions with Rima is so much I’ve been coped up with my own thoughts that most of the time do counterattack themselves, hindering me from expressing my own needs towards others, so afraid of all the what ifs – thanks to Rima for validating my thoughts, I’m feeling easier to embrace and acknowledge all of my thoughts without counterattacking them so often.

Definitely a coach we all need. Thanks a bunch, Rima!”

Vasco San-Payo - Creative Marketer

“Best Emotional Intelligence Coach out there! It was a pleasure to be guided by Rima on my self-discovery journey. The techniques used are unique and had a tremendous impact on my emotional health!”

Dovile Sinke - Business Strategist

“Rimante literally changed my life! We worked together for over half a year and she’s been my best investment ever. She helped me to become the most confident and happiest version of myself and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

She is such a knowledgeable coach and always feels what’s best for you at that moment. I have discovered so much about myself that I didn’t know before. And I absolutely loved all the different techniques we used in our sessions (and beyond) – inner child meditations, body scanning and others.”

Mellisa Purnomo - Marketer

“Rima is the best coach. I was introduced to Rima by my best friend in 2021. I was hesitant to contact her due to my consultation history, none of my previous consultations with psychologists was successful. Rima’s approach to my problem was different, she gave me step by step to figure out my problem. 3 sessions later I was already feeling and doing better than ever. I personally will keep recommending her to my friends. Thank you!”

Christian Rifinata - Account manager and MBA candidate

“Rima is a life-changing coach. She is kind, passionate, helpful, and resourceful. Through my journey under her mentoring, I learned many new things, especially those related to emotional intelligence and a growth mindset.

Some of us, might not understand the importance of emotional intelligence and having a growth mindset. In fact, these 2 are vital for managing yourself and hence able to strong inter- and intra-personal relationships as well as being focused. Through her mentoring, she implements personalized coaching programs that cater to your needs. She’s also will be monitoring the progress closely.

I would recommend anyone who might be overwhelmed and/or experiencing stress to immediately seek support. And to understand & regulate emotions for one to be focused. She’s definitely a life-changing and transformational coach 👍🏻”

Craig Morgan - Builder

“Rima gave me really useful practical daily exercises and modes of thinking that are very very easy to follow and have helped me with emotional and psychological development and being more proactive with my actions and setting of future goals. Thus it’s not just about her ‘helping me’ but about developing the tools to enable one to help one’s self and – what’s more – it didn’t take a massive amount of time nor book reading or complicated and exhaustive thinking. It all made a lot of sense – could be done quickly and was easy to do.”

Saya Raman - Entrepreneur

My friend referred me to have a consultation with Rima. Our one-time session turned into working together over a course of 3 months. It has brought a huge shift in my personal development. She’s very knowledgeable, fun and easy to work with. But what I appreciated the most is that she brought forward blind spots I didn’t know I had in my approach to some of my personal and professional relationships.

Kerry Way - Performer

“Despite discussing subjects that can be triggering or uncomfortable I felt like there was never really a moment of negativity. I managed to feel powerful or at peace with things that didn’t feel possible before. And always came out better than going into the session. Being able to Interrupt overthinking and really have the space to think and feel without any judgment whatsoever. I also never felt cut off at the end of a session whereas in previous sessions with other people I have. I feel a lot more at ease with myself and the way I think and feel than I did before the sessions. Rima provides a calm, judgment-free zone that is empowering. Very grateful for these sessions in many many ways x”

Marion Priou - Marketer

“Rima is practical, a great listener and helps to reformulate what I say so I can get a new perspective. I really appreciated it when I had to visualize my emotions and describe them with shape, colour etc. What impacted me most is the notion to be ok with my fear, as I’m now “on the court”. Also, Rima told me that failing isn’t being “on the stand” but “on the court”. I am not scared of the things I used to (going to an interview, being a saleswoman) and I know that there is more than one way to achieve what I want. Stay as you are, a beautiful soul. XXX”

Belinda White - Promoter

“Coaching with Rima is very gentle and nurturing. A fully supportive and loving experience, coupled with applied knowledge, wisdom and heart-centredness. I enjoyed all of it. The meditations were beautiful, expanding my energy and awareness. Every time I was talking about a subject where I would get worked up and stuck in my head, Rima managed to notice and did pattern interrupts which were really helpful in calming my mind and slowing me down.

I noticed that I could detach more from the ‘problem’ and return to the present moment instead of being harsh with myself and judging myself or the other person involved in the situation.

The sessions were person-centred and trauma-informed. I have been able to take further steps in a letting go process, which has been invaluable. I also have some fantastic tools to take away and I will benefit from the resources that Rima so kindly sent me.

 I feel clear about the work I need to do on myself following the sessions as Rima is very thorough and made sure I had a really good understanding of how to progress and move forwards once we had finished our programme together.

She is somebody who is very dedicated and committed to her work. She creates a safe experience in which I was able to learn and grow.”

Paige Chesterfield - Retiree

“The sessions gave me more mental energy and impacted my daily routine in a big way, giving me the drive and confidence to do things. I learned a lot and was able to achieve more because I had more confidence in myself. Rima’s coaching was open and relaxed allowing me to be in charge of the pace and outcome of each session and each session was very different and enjoyable. I would definitely want to have more sessions like this and would definitely tell my friends how I benefited. All round great and a very understanding and supportive coach.”

Mathieu Louis-Seize - Award winning photographer and coach

“Rima really is a fantastic human being and the real deal when it comes to helping people evolve and transform towards their best selves. I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Rima which really brought up some deeply impactful insights and perspectives I had not yet connected with and carry with me to this day. She is always on the ball, incredibly friendly and kind, and sincerely has a gift for understanding and helping others. I would highly recommend you check her out!”

Ashika Appavo - Teacher

I started my first coaching session with Rima feeling overwhelmed and confused, but not really aware of how it was impacting me until I started to talk. I really enjoyed the meditation we started the sessions with as they allowed me to stop overthinking and feel my body and emotions, as well as become more aware of the relationship between myself and my environment. Rima’s energy creates a beautifully calm, safe and grounding space which gave me many breakthroughs that I didn’t know I needed. I feel more trusting of myself and that I am exactly where I need to be.

Emotionally, I felt like I was given permission to feel big or “negative” emotions and talk through them. Physically, I felt like I had more energy because I was letting my emotions move through my body more easily. Mentally, I was overthinking less so my mind felt less foggy. Energetically, I felt much lighter, more present and there was more space for joy. I am so much lighter and more joyous because Rima gave me the opportunity to see my emotions as less of a burden and more as the experience of being human. Thank you so much Rima!

Letty C. Peck - Transitioning into sustainability

Rima is a very positive and encouraging – a sort of – “you can do anything!” person, which is motivating. She has good insights and it was interesting to hear her take on my situation. 

I mean- I have so many issues that I’m trying to work on, and quite a lot constantly changes, so it’s hard to pinpoint, but one thing that she said that stuck with me, is that I’m a “big” person and personality, trying to make myself small…. It resonated, and I hadn’t thought about it like that before. It made me feel more positive about myself, and future “risky” decisions. Partly off the back of the sessions, and trying not to “live small” anymore, I am now moving to …, so that’s quite a big step!

I thought she was very insightful and helped me take stock of my situation and see it more positively. Rima is an empathetic, encouraging and insightful coach who helps you get right to the root of your problems. A great person to have on your side – fully recommend her!

Dovile Sinke (round 2) - Business coach and strategist

The sessions with Rima are great. She is such a good coach, she challenges you when you’re not going deep enough with yourself in order for us to get to the point of the problem. She challenges you to go deeper and highlights when you’re just walking on the surface. This is something not every coach is able to do. In the end, when I asked her how I could work with myself going forward she gave me valuable reflection questions and guided me on the right path where things just fell into place. It was such an eye-opener!

I particularly liked that when asked, she told me her own opinion of why I’m experiencing this, and that was exactly what made all the difference for me. Even if that is not common in coaching, for me that was so authentic and personally, I’d like to see more of that in my sessions (when the coach sees it fit, and in Rima’s case I feel confident she can make that judgement).

Rima helps you understand the underlying root cause of the issue – why you are experiencing what you do, and best – how to deal with it. You feel lighter, clearer & more empowered to go on with your life (and make the best of it!) after this type of coaching session.

Rima was my first coach ever, and since then I worked with several professionals – coaches, psychotherapists, mentors, NLP practitioners etc. – but no one seems to hit it so right for me like her!