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I want to help you create a life and relationships that you’re content with.

I want you to walk away from coaching with me knowing that everything you want is available to you and you CAN create the life you want. Some changes are immediate, other changes may take time. But ultimately, transformation WILL happen.

What I teach, will have positive impact in ALL AREAS of your life.

The scope of my work is focused body work, emotional intelligence and intuition development because these are fundamental skills that are applicable to all aspects of improvement, be it relationships or other aspects of life.


Let me explain the most important terms that I focus on in my work:

  • Body work – an increasingly popular idea in psychotherapy and neuropsychology that focuses on interactions between the body and the mind. The reason it’s getting popular is because it works! There’s been plenty of studies showing that our body stores our trauma, emotions, beliefs and more. That’s why it’s hard to change things if we only talk about it. So accessing trapped emotions and beliefs through your body releases trapped energy that helps you create the changes you desire. You don’t then need to ‘find’ willpower to change. You simply release and change 🙂
  • Emotional intelligence – at a basic level, it’s an ability to recognise and regulate your emotions. What follows, is a development of strong sense of self. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to ask for it. This makes you an attractive and respectable person, be it in a personal or professional context.

Developing EQ eliminates insecurity, fear of change or rejection and inability to connect with people. You learn to distinguish between your true desires and values imposed to you by others. ALL of your relationships (romantic, family, work) will become stronger and bring satisfaction.

  • Relationships – generally, one’s mind goes to romantic relationships, but in the context of my work it’s all interpersonal (friendships, family, romantic, career, other social) relationships. Having good people and community around us has scientifically proven advantages and contributes to our happiness. But as everything in life, good relationships begin with our relationship to ourselves first. That’s where we usually start 🙂

If you’re still unsure, or think you can do it yourself, please refer to my articles. As my website develops, I will be uploading more and more content that you will be able to learn and implement to your life. Coaching is for someone who wants to be accountable and get help with challenges that inevitably come up during transformation.

I do appreciate that it is quite difficult to be vulnerable and open with some chick you found on the Internet. But I genuinely am here to help you and share everything I’ve learned. If you’re ready for a MASSIVE CHANGE, let’s get in touch and see if there’s a match.

If interested, let’s get on a FREE CALL – just get in touch!